We will tell you about 2 options for a camping sauna, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Option 1. Do it yourself

To build a sauna on a hike, you will need:

  • Thick, long sticks for the frame.
  • Plastic film used for greenhouses. Usual film will not work, as it can release harmful substances.
  • Scotch tape and insulating tape for securing the film and frame.
  • Stones.
  1. First, you need to build a frame of sticks or pipes, connecting them with tape.
  2. Then the film is stretched over the frame, which is also fixed with tape. The "skirt" at the bottom of the camping sauna should be fixed with stones.
  3. The sauna room is ready.
  4. Hot stones are needed to heat the sauna. To do this, make a fire and place stones in it. The stones will heat up in about 1 hour.
  5. After heating, the stones must be transferred to the sauna. Wait for the temperature inside to rise.

In total, we will spend about 2.5 hours on the construction and heating of such a sauna: 60-80 minutes for collecting stones and heating, 1-1.5 hours for building a bath.

Do-it-yourself sauna advantages:

+ Budgetary.
+ Simple, accessible materials.
+ Clear design.


- Long.
- A lot of effort.
- The heat does not last long because the thin material.
- For a big company, you need to build a large room that takes a long time to heat up.

Option 2. Ready-made mobile tent sauna

A ready-made sauna tent is an excellent solution for those who value their time and comfort on vacation.

You do not need to spend time and effort on installation, such a sauna is installed in 5-15 minutes along with the stove.

Tent saunas can have one, two or three layers. The more layers, the faster it will heat up and keep the heat longer.

You can put a water tank, a bench, and for winter living - the floor.

In total, the sauna is ready in 30-40 minutes: installation in 5-15 minutes, heating in 20-30 minutes.


+ Time saving (quick installation and heating).
+ Saving energy. Mobile tent saunas are easy to install.
+ You can achieve hot temperatures in a short time.
+ Retention of heat for a long time, especially in 3-layer models.
+ You can live in a tent both in winter and in summer.
+ Can be taken with you wherever you go. Compact.


- Cost. But if you consider that you are purchasing a tent sauna for several years, then this is no longer a disadvantage.
- It will be hard to carry a stove and a tent during the trip, but the load can be divided into 2 people.

Of course, it's up to you which option to choose. Both are available and you can try each one and compare!