We have already mentioned that regular sauna sessions have a beneficial effect on health. First of all, toxins are removed, the skin is cleansed, the respiratory system improves. However, even experienced sauna goers make serious mistakes and make it so that the positive effect of the sauna is minimal.

Top 5 mistakes when going to sauna

1. Maximum heat!

Should you get a lot of heat in the sauna? Sauna is a kind of ritual that you need to prepare well for. Each session allows to spend time with pleasure for body and soul. The body should gradually warm up and sweat, getting rid of harmful substances and cleansing itself. The lungs and bronchi receive comfortable warmth, and you achieve calmness. The comfortable temperature of the sauna is 60 -75°C, and the first session should be about 10-15 minutes. At extremely high temperatures, something quite different happens. All processes are under stress. Too active loss of moisture ages the skin, you can get overheat. After such a procedure, a feeling of tiredness is felt. Do not confuse it with relaxation!

2. Drinking cold beverages

During the sauna, a person loses a lot of fluid. It is natural to be thirsty. You should replenish the water balance, but not with cold drinks. Fruit drink, warm water and tea are best suited. Alcohol is not recommended as they put additional stress on the blood vessels.

3. Heavy use of a broom

Brooms have been used since the time people learned about their healing power. A sauna broom is needed to give a healing aroma to the lungs, not to whit the body with it. Fir and eucalyptus are best for inhalation - you can put them on your face and breathe the warm air. It also protects the face from overheating.

4. Splashing water on stones

The cold water makes the steam more moist. This impairs visibility and makes breathing much more difficult. In addition, stones begin to crack at a sudden change in temperature. At best, they will have to be replaced. At worst, you can get hurt by shard.

5. Using a sauna too often

Even a daily visit to the sauna does not pose any health risks if the person does not suffer from a particular disease (first of all, does not have problems with blood vessels). But going to the sauna almost every day is unreasonable. After a while, you will simply get bored with it.

Therefore, the best option is to visit it regularly, but without fanaticism, since it is unreasonable to expose the body to stress.

We wish you a pleasant steam! Be healthy with a mobile sauna MORZH which keeps the heat perfectly. The awning of the tent is made of a three-layer quilted cloth consisting of Oxford 240 fabric, Siberia insulation with a density of 80 g/m2 and light strong Taffeta fabric with reinforcing weaving. Possible temperatures up to 120°C. It will be really hot.