The modern market offers a lot of opportunities for sauna lovers. In particular, ready-made solutions appear. If you do not want to build a stationary banya, mobile sauna tents are available - MORZH models.

2 person sauna

If you do not need a large sauna, you can easily get by with the tent for 2. Tents for two are compact and do not take up much space. They will comfortably accommodate 2 people for bathing procedures. You can take a 2 person sauna with you wherever you go.

The standard MORZH model with 1 window is perfect for your purposes. Its dimensions are (LxWxH)205 х 205 х 195 cm. You can install a wood-burning stove inside, place all the sauna accessories, put seats. As a result, there is a very comfortable and hot 2 person sauna!

MORZH tent with 2 windows offers the same. With dimensions (LxWxH) 205 х 205 х 195 cm, 2 people will not be cramped.

MORZH Light model has the same dimensions as the previous tents and is also suitable for you. The only difference is that this model is made of a single layer material. The rest of the MORZH models are three-layer. If you want a lightweight and compact tent, this option is for you!

Pay attention to the most romantic model from our range - MORZH Sky! The transparent roof adds a special atmosphere and provides a great view of the sky while steaming.

3 person sauna

2 person saunas are also suitable for 3 people.

Any tent with a size of 205 x 205 x 195 cm can comfortably accommodate 1-4 people for steam procedures!

6-12 person sauna

Relaxing in a sauna with a large group of people can be really fun. If you are interested in a spacious steam room for 6-12 people, then consider the largest tent - Morzh Max. Dimensions (HxLxW)197 x 297 x 230 cm accommodate all your belongings, sauna accessories. You can install two stoves at once to get more heat!