During a pandemic, it becomes more difficult to visit stationary saunas. One of the alternative options is to build your own sauna.
A DIY sauna is a source of pride for the owner. If you prepare properly, you can build your own steam room!

Build home sauna

There are two options for arranging a sauna - in a separate building or inside the house.
A separate sauna saves space in the house, but it requires more service lines, as well as more building material. In a separate sauna, you can add a dressing room, a shower room - everything so that your stay in it turns into a complete rest. If there is no space limit, then you can make a complete set!

A sauna inside a house is cheaper. But there are some disadvantages. Any malfunction in the steam room will create discomfort in the house.
Also there are only the most necessary things. It is not designed for great comfort. There can be indoor saunas no larger than a shower room.

Cost of building a sauna

The sauna installation costs about $3,000-$6,000. These are only approximate prices. Size and material costs play a big role.

Building an outdoor sauna

If you are a hiker and cannot deny yourself a sauna even in the field, then you can build a sauna using the materials available to you.
DIY camping sauna is usually a framed structure. You will need: wooden poles or polypropylene pipes for the frame, polyethylene film for the awning, scotch tape and duct tape, stones.
Build a frame using the poles and connect poles part with tape or duct tape. Stretch the polyethylene film on the finished frame and fix it with tape. Press down with stones at the bottom. DIY sauna is ready! To heat it, make a fire and place stones in it. Then take stones with a shovel and place them inside the sauna. Wait for the temperature to rise.

This is a budget option for active lifestyle lovers.

Tent with stove as a sauna

Our assortment offers tents with stoves and accessories for extra comfort. Choose your own one!

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