Hot yoga is a type of yoga performed in a heated room. It can be of different duration (usually from 45 minutes). Everybody reacts differently to heat, you can easily choose the duration in accordance with your physical capabilities.

Who will love hot yoga exercises?

  • Lovers of physical activity in unusual conditions.
  • Those who wish to strengthen the muscles and skin tone.
  • Those who want to stretch their muscles and ligaments more than usual - the hot temperature will help in achieving the goal.

Complete relaxation, harmony of body and soul - yoga in the MORZH sauna will help to achieve such sensations! The atmosphere is fantastic: the crackling of the logs, pleasant warmth spreads through the body. If you have chosen a mobile tent sauna MORZH for your exercises, we recommend the following models: MORZH and MORZH MAX (more spacious). These are the most popular models from our range.

Yoga exercises help to relieve body tension. You will feel the beneficial effects of hot yoga after the first session!

Yoga practice in the sauna

Because of its beneficial properties, the sauna is a unique tool that helps to easily get into a relaxed state. Due to heating, deep cleansing occurs. Tension goes away, you get rid of negative thoughts and fears.

Due to profuse sweating, toxins are eliminated, metabolism and even food preferences changes. Hot yoga lovers eat more plant foods.

Yoga and sauna are really good, but only if you follow the established recommendations.

  1. Exercise should be slow, without rushing.
  2. In the beginning, do breathing exercises. Then gradually complete the set of exercises. The therapy ends with relaxation on the sauna shelves.
  3. It is recommended to drink enough water. It is worth drinking about 3 liters a day if you do hot yoga.
  4. You need to determine a comfortable temperature for yoga. Usually exercise is carried out at an air temperature of no more than 35-45С and humidity of about 40%. There are also some programs where the air temperature reaches + 50 + 60C. In any case, carefully consider this point, as your health depends on it.

A piece of advice: it is recommended to do hot yoga in the morning because the body needs time to recover and return to its usual rhythm of life after training.

Hot yoga advantages

  • a quick way to lose weight, get your body in good shape;
  • strengthening of metabolic processes;
  • active detoxification of the body;
  • painless stretching, flexibility development;
  • breathing training;
  • strengthening the heart, vascular system;
  • recovery from injuries;
  • a great way to relax after a hard day, to calm the nervous system.


Hot yoga has its own contraindications. Absolute contraindications are heart and brain diseases, other serious diseases. It is best to consult a doctor before starting to practice a hot sauna!

Observe safety rules, monitor your condition. Remember that hot yoga can harm your body as much as it can heal it.