Fans of an active lifestyle know that winter fishing and hunting are significantly different from summer ones. It is necessary to purchase not only special winter equipment, but also a winter tent. A winter tent must meet all safety parameters. Also, it must be heat-resistant and have the optimal size. It is very important that it is quickly assembled and has excellent wind resistance. With a high-quality winter tent, a fisherman or a hunter will not be afraid of frosts and strong winds. In warmth and comfort, enjoying what you love is much better.

Choosing the tents for cold weather

When choosing a winter tent, you should pay attention to some details.

The more layers the better

If you live in a cold area or like to fish in extreme conditions, then it is worth looking at 2 or 3 layer models. These tents will heat up faster and keep warm longer than single layer tents.

Ventilation is good

If you practice long-term travel, then your tent should be equipped with ventilation valves for air circulation. Ventilation valves help to avoid the condensation inside the tent or between layers.

Fast installation

In winter, it is important that the temporary shelter is set up as simply and quickly as possible. It is best when the tent can be set up by one person in a few minutes.

More loops

When choosing, pay attention to the number of loops for the wind guards and pegs. In winter, there are strong gusts of wind, so fixing the tent with the guy ropes is necessary. The hinges should be made of durable material, it is good when there are metal parts.

Framed winter tents

The frame structure is reliable and wind-resistant. Installing such models is not as difficult as you might think. Framed winter tents are especially good if you are planning multi-day trips. By the way, large army tents are most often made with frames.

Wind skirt, pockets and other necessary details

A skirt is a must have in a winter tent. It helps to keep warm inside the awning, protecting it from drafts. The skirt should be wide along the entire tent perimeter. Pockets are needed for placing the necessary things. Loops are used to hang a flashlight or stretch a rope to dry clothes. Windows are a nice addition. The space with them is lighter.

Additional accessories for winter camping

To make your stay comfortable, you need additional accessories for your winter tent:

  • Warm floor. It is an indispensable accessory for comfortable living in cold weather. It does not freeze on the ground, its edges are folded inside the tent, which prevents moisture, snow and cold from getting inside the tent. Part of it can be unfastened, so it is possible to install a stove or, for example, open a space in order to drill a hole for winter fishing.
  • Waterproof cover. Because of the technological features of the three-layer material, the seams of the tent cannot be glued in some places. There are microscopic holes from the needle. The tent can be vulnerable in very heavy rainfall or snow. Therefore, a waterproof cover is a useful accessory.

Winter tents for sale

Choose your winter tent from the MORZH range. 3-layer and single-layer tents are available for winter. And together with the stove you can make a real sauna there!