Banya is not just a pleasant and useful activity, but also a cultural and historical heritage for each country, which is transmitted from generation to generation. Taking a steam banya is one of the oldest and most beloved traditions in Russia. Russian banya satisfies the need not only for cleanliness, but also for soul and body relaxation. It is a kind of sacred action. With Russian banya, the main stages of a person's life were associated - there people were born, there they washed before the wedding and after death. Warriors went to the banya before battles. It was also the basis of Russian hospitality - first of all, guests were invited to the banya.

Sauna Russian style

A few years ago, Finnish researchers proved that the most comfortable temperature range for banya is 40-65 ° C, and humidity 40-60%. As for the Russian steam room! The temperature in a real Russian banya varies from + 45 to + 60C. Humidity 50-70%. At such temperatures and humidity, the whole body is deeply warmed up. The Russian banya should be spacious, with high ceilings (at least 2.4-2.6 meters). The walls are finished with a strong wooden plank. Shelves are made of massive thick planks.

There are two main types of Russian banyas:

  • The smoke banya. It does not have a chimney, and smoke comes out through the doors. Soot and fumes are inside, which is considered the best disinfection method. Previously, only smoke banyas were used in Russia.
  • The white banya is arranged with a chimney, accordingly, the steam room is clean of soot. This type is used 99% of the time.

The simplest version of a Russian banya consists of only 2 rooms: a steam room (combined with a washing room), and a dressing room. In the dressing room, people undress and relax during the breaks, and in the steam room they take a bath and enjoy steam.

The main advantage of such a constructure is its compact size, simplicity and low cost. But the combination of a steam room and a washing room also has disadvantages (not hot enough for steaming, but for washing - very hot). If space and finances permit, it is recommended to arrange separate washing and steam rooms in the banya.

The choice of a banya stove is a personal matter for each owner. However, not only the quality of steam procedures, but also the health depends on the right decision.

Most of the Russian banya’s stoves have stone or brick lining. Stones or bricks accumulates heat coming from the stove walls, and then gently gives it to the steam room. The most popular stove material is cast iron or stainless steel.

The main attributes of the Russian sauna

A traditional Russian banya is not complete without a broom. It can be oak, birch, willow, maple, or any other tree. Each of the brooms has its own advantages. High-quality stones are also important. The most common are jadeite, dunite, porphyrite. A hat is needed for head and hair protection. Mitten for hand protection when contact with the stove. Basins and buckets are used for washing.