When resting for several days in a tent, you need to provide good lighting so that when dusk falls, you do not go to bed right away, but have time to do something or just relax comfortably. This is especially important for camping in winter, as it gets dark faster this time of year.

If you are a lover of outdoor activities, then a tent is a kind of shelter for you. There you live, do a hobby, etc. In order for the visibility to be sufficient, you need to properly organize the light. In this case, the light source should not bother you and work for a long time.

Light in the tent

Let's list the main ones that are used:

  • Candles. Quite a popular way of lighting, however, it requires some kind of support and attention. Safety comes first.
  • A stable kerosene lamp emits enough light, but it needs to be handled with care. Its weak points are fragile glass and the smell of kerosene.
  • Electronic lighting is probably the best option, provided the power supply lasts until the morning.
  • A headlamp with LEDs for all tent lighting is small, but very convenient as an additional light source. It can continuously work for many hours, freeing up your hands during fishing or other work.

A wood-burning stove, especially with a glass door, is a good light source. The stove provides not only comfortable warmth for living, but also aesthetic pleasure. After all, it is so pleasant to watch the play of the flame and listen to the crackling of the logs!

MORZH tents have convenient pockets and hooks for fixing flashlights in case you need additional lighting.