Dear friends!

We are pleased to inform you that two new models have appeared in MORZH range! Now you have even more choice and you can choose the tent that suits your requirements. Meet the addition!


MORZH LUX can be used as a mobile sauna and as a winter tent for hunting and fishing. Equipped with a convenient hinged door for quick entry and exit without losing heat. The hinged door is the main difference from the standard MORZH with zipper. LUX has the same dimensions and the same three-layer material. There are four colors to choose from - black, blue-red, camouflage, tricolor. Look at the product page for details and watch the video below:


MORZH CUBE is fundamentally different from other models. Its main advantage is the speed and ease of installation. CUBE is classified as an automatic type precisely because of special quick-opening frame mechanism. There are 3 chimney cuts. One is located on the roof and is suitable for a sauna stove with a pipe diameter of 90 mm. And on both sides, there are universal valves to put a stove or heat exchanger with a chimney diameter of 65 mm. The thermal properties of MORZH CUBE are the same - the model is three-layer and keeps heat very well. Tricolor, black, camouflage, blue colors are available. 

It is recommended to purchase INTENT stove together with these tents for achieving the best effect. 

This stove is safe and powerful. Due to side convectors, this stove takes up 30% less space during transportation.