In Japan, there has been a MORZH boom. With MORZH mobile sauna, different events are organized, such as steaming in the sauna during the cherry blossoms!

Japanese bloggers TABISAUNA (Travel Sauna Couple) explore outdoor saunas with breathtaking views across Japan. Now they organize "Extreme Saitama Sauna with Breathtaking Cherry Blossom View" for two days, April 2 (Saturday) and April 3 (Sunday) 2022.

Just imagine - an outdoor sauna that can be enjoyed anywhere by placing the stove inside a special tent. Due to the design features, these tents can be set up anywhere. You can enjoy the feeling of landscape openness and get healthy at the same time.

Using such an outdoor sauna, TABISAUNA offers a new lifestyle Travel & Sauna. And they decided to hold an event with MORZH cherry blossom theme. Sakura can be called the heart of Japan...

Enjoy breathtaking cherry blossom views in Tokigawa City, Saitama Prefecture. This is a Satoyama glamping resort full of activities such as glamping, B-B-Q and river games, with the concept of a "secret base of healing and excitement surrounded by rivers and nature. Especially in spring, this is the most attractive place to admire cherry blossom trees along the Toki River. This is a popular place where you can forget about the bustle.

TABISAUNA are the masters of outdoor saunas with a great view of all of Japan and they are impressed by this natural masterpiece. And they want more people who love saunas to experience it.

On the day of the event, MORZH SKY is the best choice, as its transparent roof allows you to get a great view of the cherry blossoms! After the sauna, dive into the river and swim in the fresh air while watching the cherry blossoms!

You will feel great emotions when you leave the sauna among the rows of blossoming cherry trees.

You can also relax and enjoy the colors of spring, sitting in a comfortable chair.

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