For a pleasant pastime, it is not enough just to put a sauna. It is important to have the right stove and stones. Few people realize how important is such a simple thing as ordinary sauna stones. After all, they provide the enrichment of the air with useful micro- and macro elements, contribute to the long-term heat retention and create the healing steam.

Collect on the shore or buy?

This is up to you. You can look for stones yourself on the shore (for free!) or buy them in the specialized store. It is impossible to recommend for sure, but the information for making a decision is worth studying.

Collect stones yourself if:

  • you have the experience and skills to determine the type and quality of the stone;
  • you are sure of its ecological safety.

Spend funds to purchase if:

  • you prefer to go to specialists when it comes to health;
  • you prefer to be confident about safety.

Whatever mineral you choose for the steam room, it must necessarily meet the following requirements:

  • ecological cleanliness;
  • homogeneous structure;
  • no cracks. To test this, you can hammer them. A clear sound indicates that there are no defects;
  • approximately the same size. So the heating will be uniform;
  • no carbonates;
  • no asbestos;
  • no dust. The stones should be clean. Wash them before use;
  • attractive appearance;
  • acceptable price.

High heat capacity is one of the most important requirements. This indicator means the ability to quickly warm up and slowly give off heat. Buying such a stone is a great success. The sauna will turn out to be excellent.

5 best sauna rocks in 2021


A characteristic feature of this stone is phenomenal strength and heat resistance, the ability to withstand heating and cooling without destruction. It ionizes the air and has a pronounced disinfecting effect. Jadeite is a semi-precious stone and it is very beautiful. It will last for about 5 years.


Like jadeite, it keeps heat great and is durable. Service life approximately 10 years.


This stone has a good heat capacity - exactly what you need for a steam room. However, in terms of strength, it is inferior to jadeite. It will serve you for about 2-3 years.


Excellent heating, long-term heat transfer, no harmful components, affordable price. All this explains its frequent use for steam rooms.


Semiprecious stone. It has a healing effect and excellent heat dissipation. Sauna with jasper stones helps in the treatment of the nervous and reproductive systems, cures insomnia, headaches. Jasper steam has unique wound healing properties.