In many countries of the world, saunas are still an important bathing ritual, medical procedure and part of social life.

Saunas date back to the Stone Age. They were made by increasing the temperature and humidity of the air using heated stones and water. The healing and prophylactic properties of this procedure have led to its spread throughout the world. Over time, regional differences appeared in the types of saunas. Nowadays, they differ in temperature and humidity, architectural styles and traditional attributes.

Saunas differ in humidity and air temperature, as well as in the traditions of different cultures. According to the air conditions, the sauna is divided into dry and steam. In a dry sauna, the humidity is much lower (5-20%), and the temperature is higher (80-110 C). In a steam sauna, the air humidity reaches 45-100%, and the temperature is 20-80 C.

Many countries have their own traditional saunas: Finnish sauna, Russian banya, Turkish hammam, Roman thermae. There are also new inventions in the modern world. For example, an infrared sauna.

Steam for medicinal purposes

The healing properties of steam have long been known. Usual steam without any additions can also strengthen the body. However, it is the herbal infusions, aromatic oils that significantly enhance the healing properties of steam. You can specially visit the sauna to cure flu or bronchitis, calm the nervous system and improve immunity. It is worth learning more about different herbs and remembering the features of the steam supply. Then you will be able not only to enjoy sauna procedures, but also to get the maximum benefit from going to the steam room!

Disinfecting steam

Sometimes we need to get rid of microbes, to prevent various diseases. In such cases, thyme, sage, eucalyptus leaves and mint are useful. A tablespoon of the herb is enough for a glass of decoction. Then you need to dilute the herbal infusion in water. For three liters of water, you will need one glass of herbal decoction. Then you can go to the sauna and splash it on the stones!

Herbs for bronchitis

The healing steam helps to get rid of bronchitis, severe cough, and quickly restore the body. Althaea, inula will suit you. It is important to make a concentrated infusion by following the instructions on the package. It is better to purchase herbs from a pharmacy, rather than collect them yourself. When your herbal infusion is ready, you need to dilute it in 3 liters of water. 1 glass is enough. The visit to the sauna will surprise you! You will cough less, forget about irritation in the throat, bronchi.

Spa steam

The steam opens the pores and removes microbes, dirt and dead skin cells. This kind of peeling is very important, because we strive to save the beauty and youth of our skin for a long time and would like to achieve this without any harm. And since steam stimulates the work of the sebaceous glands, the functions of the skin are significantly improved, its elasticity and shine increase.

After visiting the steam room, our skin cools down in 3-5 minutes and is ready to absorb beneficial substances. That is why it is recommended to apply various masks with vitamins after the session. Even before entering the steam room, you can apply honey or salt to the face for cosmetic effect.

Essential oils have a great effect on the body and skin. Add rosemary, eucalyptus, fir or mint oil to a basin of water, then splash it on the hot stones.

Despite the beneficial effect of the steam on the human body, it also has contraindications. If you have serious skin problems, chronic diseases, then it is better to refuse to visit the steam room. In any case, it is worth consulting a doctor before going there.