Massage in the sauna perfectly relieves tightness in the muscles - the body rests and relaxes. Such massage has a beneficial effect on joints, skin, and internal organs.

High temperature has a positive effect on the body: the heart rate increases, profuse sweating occurs, toxins are released and the skin is cleansed.

Who needs a massage in the sauna

Massage in the sauna is good for athletes after training to relax muscles and relieve tension. People suffering from joint diseases also can do self-massage. If you want to get rid of a few extra kg or just tone your body, then the sauna and massage will come in handy.

Sauna massage rules

  1. Before visiting the steam room, take a shower without soap. This will help open up your pores for better sweating.
  2. The first sauna session should be short, monitor your condition and do not overheat.
  3. Then go to the shower again, relax, drink water or herbal tea.
  4. Go to the next sauna session. This time, you can steam for 10 minutes or more.

Important! It is better to lie down rather than sit or stand. So the body warms up evenly and there is no overheating of individual parts of the body.

If you take a steam procedured while sitting or standing, then headaches may occur.

 5. After the steam room, we proceed to massage. We advise you to massage not in the steam room itself, but in a separate room, where it is warm, but not as hot as in the sauna. This will make you more comfortable and relaxed.

Self-massage rules

  • Bypass lymph node areas.
  • Muscles in the massaged area should be relaxed to avoid muscle contraction.
  • Exercise should be done slowly.

How to massage yourself

Arms and legs

Massage should start with stroking. Then stroking is replaced by rubbing, followed by kneading. The massage ends with the same stroking.


The neck should first be warmed up, then self-massage with horizontal and circular movements.


Back massage should also start with rubbing. Massage the small of your back with phalanges and fingertips.

Belly and chest

  • Massage the belly with a circular rubbing, then begin gently stretching.
  • Apply stroking techniques to the chest, circular and zigzag kneading and patting.
  • Avoid hypothermia after the massage.
  • Also, after the session, you need to rest for 20-30 minutes.

Be healthy!