Camping heater for tent

How to warm up a tent for a winter hike or for a sauna? There are several solutions. The most popular device is the wood-burning stove. In hard-to-reach places, this option is the only possible one. Wood stoves do not need electricity or gas, and wood is an affordable fuel.

Combustion mode of a camping tent heater

If you are looking for a mobile sauna stove, then it should be intense burning stove. Such a device should deliver maximum power in a short time to heat the space and maintain the sauna atmosphere.

For living in a tent with comfortable temperature, choose long-burning stoves. They burn for a long time without your constant attention.

Suitable chimney diameter

There are several standard sizes for chimney pipes on the market - 65, 80, 90, 115 mm. If you already have a tent, then you should choose a stove so that the diameter of the chimney is at least 1 cm smaller than the chimney cut in the tent. You can also look for an adapter.

Safe camp heater must be equipped with a spark arrestor

Almost all specialized portable stoves are now equipped with a spark arrester. The spark arrester is a must for using a tent with the stove. It prevents the emission of sparks, keeps your tent and things inside the tent safe.

Stove size and weight

Different stoves are needed for different purposes. The heater should suit you in terms of performance, fit into your means of transport and match the power for your mobile camping sauna.

Choose the safe wood stove

Long burning stove Tourist for comfortable living in a tent.
Sauna stove Intent and Intent Mini for hot temperature up to 100-120°C.