The Saga Sauna project, which was scheduled for March 7, 2020, is the result of a collaboration between Sauna Ikitai and Saga Prefecture. An exceptional sauna event was planned where guests could taste delicious food and enjoy the sauna with MORZH. However, due to the coronavirus, this event was postponed. Planned for March 2021 as well, it has also become an illusion. Our Japanese partner Sauna Camp was also interested in this project. It was supposed to be a significant stage in the sauna life in Japan. To support a team that has put their heart and soul into this project, a review article is published.

Ureshinocha & Sauna

The main theme of the Saga Sauna is "Experience the charm of Ureshinochi tea through the sauna." At first glance, this is a strange combination, but the advantage of the sauna is that it can be enjoyed in different ways. It is very pleasant to try green tea in a relaxed state, and the idea of the project is really very interesting!

Various types of tea can be prepared - tart, aromatic, as well as mild varieties. Feeling their aroma, you relax. Of course, after sauna session, it is nice to have a cup of tea.

Careful attention is also paid to sauna stones, as they must be made of a special material and be suitable for the event.

There is also the plan to order Tatami mats that would fit the size of the MORZH tent and enjoy all this relaxing space. By the way, tea in the water tank allows you to feel the aroma even with steam. 

Unfortunately, these comfortable and relaxing solutions have not yet been tested by all who wish.

MORZH tent on the Ryogoku station

The Saga Sauna event, scheduled for 2020, was planned to be held by the pool at an amusement park. Tickets were sold out immediately. This year the location has changed to the Ryogoku platform! This station is not used and is called a phantom one. Perhaps this is the world's first idea to try a wood-fired sauna on the station platform! 

As soon as the location was chosen, the Saga Sauna team came up with the idea: "Let's turn the sauna into a train." While sitting in the sauna, you can hear the distant sounds of trains. Looking at the platform, you can really feel like on the train. High temperature sauna train!

Ureshinocha x Sauna x Wrestler

The idea is, "If you want to enter the sauna at Ryogoku Station, you want the wrestlers to add some heat!" The heat wave of the wrestlers is so strong that no explanation is needed. The pictures are too bright. 

This service is likely to be appreciated by sauna fans all over the world! With Mr. Higashi Sakuraama, a sumo wrestler, the spacious MORZH MAX looks smaller. 

The station platform is like a resort. This photo is definitely going to be №1.

Cold bath

At the urging of the Saga Sauna team, a pool has appeared on the Ryogoku station. It was difficult to get permission, but all obstacles were overcome. 

It seems that many would be surprised to see this station! 

T-shirts, washcloths, ponchos, swimwear, sauna stones, etc. are available for purchase.

Problems of the Saga Sauna project

Unfortunately, such a bright and complex project meets many organizational problems. But this is truly a new step in the history of sauna culture.

Taking on new challenges, the project has incorporated the aesthetics of sauna lovers and headed for a unique event.

Saga Sauna has literally become a ghostly event, but we want to express our deepest gratitude and compliments to everyone who takes part in the organization. Thanks for your hard work!

You can experience it! Saga Sauna!

Good news for those who have read this far! The event will take place on 26 and 27 March. Breathe in the aroma of the tea with your whole body and relax after the sauna. See the special website for details:

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