If you want an effective sauna, you should definitely check the air humidity, temperature and oxygen level. All this ensures comfort and safe steaming.

Ventilation is important for several reasons, safety and well-being are just two of them. The question whether ventilation is needed in the sauna is clear.

What is sauna venting for?

Without proper air circulation, a normal steaming process is impossible. The main purpose of ventilation is:

  • air enrichment with oxygen;
  • removing of excess carbon dioxide;
  • creating optimal conditions for steaming;
  • removing moisture and condensation.

If you do not ventilate the sauna, then you will have to leave it after a while, because there will be nothing to breathe, and the heat will become unbearable.

In stationary saunas, a forced ventilation method is often used with the help of an exhaust hood. This method involves additional equipment, fans and cleaning filters.

Tent ventilation

In mobile tent saunas MORZH is a natural way of ventilation. 

You can ventilate the tent using a special valves or open the door to let in more fresh air