A mobile sauna is a tent with a special sauna stove. Tents differ in shape and the number of layers.

Why does a tent sauna need a 3-layer awning?

1. Fast heating.

2. Keeping heat inside longer.

3. Fuel economy.

4. Protection from strong wind, rain and snow.

Of course, a single-layer tent will cope with the latter function if it has moisture-proof properties. But 3 layers of insulation will do the job much better!

MORZH manufacturers compared single-layer and three-layer Morzh saunas. Experiment has proven that a 3-layer model heats up faster!

After 30 minutes, the single-layer sauna heated up to 70℃, and the 3-layer one to 102℃!

At the same time, the outer awning of the three-layer sauna was not as hot as the one-layer one.

The 3-layer awning of MORZH tents is patented and is used only in our mobile saunas.

The awning of the MORZH tents is made of three-layer synthetic fabric. All layers are securely bonded with heat sewing.

Such fabric is more durable.

A huge advantage of such an awning is that you do not need to install each of the layers separately.

All season tent

Three-layer MORZH tents are also suitable for winter living - you can use them with a long burning stoves and take it with you instead of a regular tent.