Wood-burning stoves are a classic option for a sauna. Due to such models, a special atmosphere of comfort and coziness is created in the steam room. Wood-burning stoves are practical and durable, easy to use, and wood is an affordable fuel that is easy to find. If the region has problems with gasification and electricity, then firewood is the only option.

This type of stove has many advantages. Wood stove does not depend on the supplying companies. Providing a wood sauna with fuel is quite simple. You can buy firewood or make it yourself. Depending on preferences, you can purchase various types of firewood, differing in productivity, efficiency of use. The wood gives off a pleasant aroma. As for the stoves themselves, there is a wide range of them on the market now.

Of the disadvantages of a wood-burning stove, you will have to periodically clean the chimney, remove ash from the ash pan and chimney. With wood, the steam room heats up a little longer than with other types of fuel. You also need to monitor the amount of firewood in the stove and add more, if necessary.

The result of using a wood stove largely depends on the quality of the wood and even the skills.

Firewood for wood burning heater

To maintain a stable and efficient heat from a wood-burning stove, it is necessary to heat it correctly and choose good firewood. For a sauna, it is better to choose hard or medium-hard wood. Each species has certain properties, so it is worth considering each separately.

Birch. It is one of the best options to heat the sauna stove. Birch burns for a long time and gives a good heat. But when using, be sure to control the flow of air into the stove, since birch forms a lot of soot.

Aspen. It is distinguished by a long retention of heat. It emits a pleasant aroma and has antiseptic properties, so it can be used to periodically disinfect the air.

Alder. Alder firewood is very popular. It dries up much faster than other trees. It flares up perfectly, gives off a lot of heat and retains it for a long time. It is also suitable for air disinfection and cleaning the chimney from soot.

Linden. It is good for a sauna because it has healing properties and provides a positive effect on the body. A pleasant honey aroma is just right for improving sauna procedures.

Oak. Oak is quite expensive and most effective both for a sauna and for any other premises. Burns for a long time, and coals give off heat well. Oak almost does not smoke and does not form soot in chimneys.

Fruit trees. This wood is highly prized for its smell. Burning produces a lot of heat and a pleasant aroma. Such firewood does not emit resin and is practically not smoked. However, keep in mind that it is better to use trees that no longer bear fruit.

Wood stove material

By the type of material, brick, steel and cast iron stoves are distinguished.

Brick stoves are mainly used not for the sauna. They are ideal for heating a home for living. The brick stove has a large weight and thermal capacity. However, it is quite expensive. It will require specialists and a lot of building materials. And the building process itself takes 7 or more days. Cast iron has a higher heat capacity and keeps heat longer. It is durable and is not subject to deformation when heated. A cast iron stove generally lasts longer, but still very heavy.

Steel stoves are the most popular, because they are easier to install. They quickly heat up and cool down. Strong and heat-resistant steel can also serve for a very long time. It is a more flexible material that allows stoves to be made of various shapes and designs. Therefore, many modern devices with excellent quality and long service life are also made of steel.

Our assortment includes high quality wood-burning stoves. They are equipped with a spark arrester and have a hob for cooking or heating food. The Intent stove deserves special attention - it can be turned into a fireplace by adding a glass door to it. The stove with glass gives an excellent opportunity to admire the fire and creates an atmosphere of comfort and coziness.

If you still have any questions or difficulties with choosing a wood-burning stove, our specialists will gladly help you. Choose the most suitable stove for your mobile sauna from our range!