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Tent sauna of 3 ply material with a large window (no stove).
Dimensions – 205 х 205 х 195 cm.
Weight – 8.3 kg.
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  • G
    • March 1, 2022 09:44
    Spitze. Super, die beste Zeltsauna aller Zeiten

    Wir sind begeistert, die Lieferung ging so schnell, 3800 Kilometer von Hamburg entfernt und ruckzuck da. Top.
    Die Wärme wird Dank der Isolation lange im Zelt gehalten. Die Qualität ist richtig gut. Wir würden diese Sauna immer wieder kaufen. Liebe Grüße aus Hamburg und Frieden auf dieser Welt. Alles könnte so schön sein wie diese Sauna. Мы в восторге, доставка была такой быстрой, 3800 километров от Гамбурга и в кратчайшие сроки. Верхняя.
    Благодаря утеплителю в палатке надолго сохраняется тепло. Качество действительно хорошее. Мы будем покупать эту сауну снова и снова. Привет из Гамбурга и мира в этом мире. Все может быть так красиво, как эта сауна

    • A
      • October 27, 2021 21:23
      Extensive Use

      I've had this set up and running 2-3 times per week for about 9 months now. I set it up and have not taken it down since. This tent has seen temperature ranges from -40 C to +40C - heavy snowfalls and rains - and long days in direct sunlight. No matter the weather, the tent warms up quickly and allows me to enjoy a sauna.

      There has been some sun fading and some straps have disintegrated from the heat, but it doesn't bother me at all. I even had an issue where a friend fell into the tent and bent the pole... but I was able to put it back into shape with no problem, at all.

      The stove is excellent. Zero complaints.

      I will continue using my Morzh until all the threads have fallen apart - and at that point, I'll buy another tent. Next time, I'll opt for the sunroom for those starry nights.

      Thanks for a great product, Morzh!

      • D
        • May 20, 2021 11:32

        Hello! Thanks to the Morzh team for making good things. I want to share my positive feedback on the product. Bought tent, stove, warm floor. Used this kit in winter. Very cool! can be used at any time of the year. Thank you!

        • E
          • May 20, 2021 11:21

          Оne of the owners :)
          I thought it was fiasco at first. It was raining when we put the tent and I thought that this whole idea would fail. As a result, the tent 2x2 m warmed up quickly enough, after 20-30 minutes we had 60 C, after another 10-15 - 80C.
          There was really heavy rain for 4 times, the tent was ok. I really liked it.
          I put 4/5 because they sent me the wrong camouflage shade.

          • E
            • May 20, 2021 10:52
            Will try soon!

            I recently got it and put it up in the basement of my house to see what it looks like! Very nice!
            The package has come a long way.
            All match the description, can't wait for the weekend to try it!
            Sauna for everyone!

            • Z
              • May 20, 2021 10:32
              My impressions

              I have been using this tent for more than a year, take it on hikes, for sauna. The tent is used it in different weather conditions and basically I am satisfied with the product. Its the one that fit's my needs.

              - Very compact in a bag, optimal in weight.
              - Can be quickly assembled, stands firmly. Set up instructions came in Russian - at first I did not understand how to assemble. YouTube video helped.
              - A large window with curtain is a huge plus!
              - In sauna mode, 2 - 4 people can sit comfortably. Really hot! If you spend the night with a stove, then it is already more difficult to fit - 1-2 people, no more.
              - Good ventilation.

              Would like to note the quality of materials, the construction itself - can withstand a strong wind. Also design - I have a black tent and it looks sexy.
              As for me, the pockets are not enough, I would also like more hooks and nets for drying things. But overall this is one of the best tents I have ever had.

              I'm pleased with the purchase. The company seems to have a great service and product.

              • J
                • May 19, 2021 14:00
                Well-made tent sauna

                Well-made tent sauna which keeps the temperature well! It is enough to heat the stove a little and it is already hot! Everything is thought out to the smallest detail - strong frame, can be assembled quickly! chimney hole, etc. Looks stylish, I recommend.

                • M
                  • May 13, 2021 12:03
                  Be aware of the meaning of the "in-stock" check mark

                  Not really sure on how to grade the product since I haven't tested it.
                  This is merely a warning to any potential buyers that is thinking about this tent. I asked about the delivery time, and by doing that found out that Morzh have a backlog and are not shipping out tents when the order comes in. So a green check mark actually means a 2 week wait.
                  In all honesty, the communication was professional and courteous, so I still have a trust in the company, but just not how they choose to flag the stock.

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