The healing properties of the sauna have been known since ancient times, when medicines and health care did not yet exist. Therefore, it is quite understandable that the COVID-19 outbreak made people think about traditional ways of fighting the disease.

One of the popular hypotheses is that COVID-19 dies at a temperature of + 50-60 C.

Why the sauna is considered a panacea

The sauna has many benefits that justify such a belief in its effect on the body. Whether it is a Finnish sauna, a Turkish hammam or a Russian banya, there is no doubt about the healing effect. Doctors confirm that the sauna really brings health.

Sauna will not be able to cure an infected person, since it is not capable of destroying the virus. No matter how hot it is around, nothing will change inside the body. It is best not to use the sauna if there is a suspicion of having a coronavirus infection.

Sauna is good as a preventative measure.

  • The hot and humid steam is like an inhalation and removes the accumulated phlegm.
  • The sauna improves metabolic processes.
  • The circulation of blood and lymph increases.
  • Due to profuse sweating, toxins are actively removed from the body, which can prevent a speedy recovery.

If you decide to fight coronavirus infection with the help of a sauna, make sure that it meets all sanitary and epidemiological standards.

Due to the epidemiological situation, it is difficult to visit public saunas. Now, all sauna lovers ask themselves the question: how to continue visiting the sauna? There is a solution - ready-made mobile tent saunas. The market offers many models from different manufacturers and a new branch of the sauna culture is developing - sauna tourism.