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Perfect Outdoor Saunas

Sauna tents are made of fireproof Oxford material. It has powerful and safe furnace. Even in the winter you can heat the tent up to 100 C (230 F) or more. The frame is made of aviations steel and will serve you for decades. The door provides easy entry and exit in every situation, including emergencies. Special chimney cutting protects the tent from heating up - it absorbs heat from chimney pipe.

Heated Winter tents

Several layers are the thing which makes heated winter tents special. Warmth inside the tent stays longer because of the air gap between layers. Winter tents are equipped with long-burning wood heater, which can burn for 10 hours straight. This heater creates a comfortable temperature inside and even can be a lifesaver in extreme conditions. Winter tent can be used as a sauna. It is worth using when it is cold outside. The tent retains heat perfectly.

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