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Tent sauna of 3 ply material with 2 large windows (no stove)
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  • Hot tent sauna or winter tent

    This tent is universal, it can be used both as a winter tent for living on fishing, and as a mobile sauna. The tent provides the ability to install any stove. For stoves with a smaller chimney diameter it is necessary to use an adapter ring.

    Modern 3-layer awning keeps heat longer

    Through the use of modern materials, the tent keeps the heat much longer than single-layer options. The awning of the tent is made of a three-layer quilted cloth consisting of Oxford 240 fabric / Siberia insulation with a density of 80 g/m2 and light strong Taffeta fabric with reinforcing weaving.

    Spacious form

    The tent has a cube-like shape and has dimensions close to 2x2x2 meters. The place to install the stove is thought out in such a way that it makes it possible to place the stove compactly without taking extra space inside and without reducing the safety of its installation. In the mode of a tent sauna, there can be up to 5 people at a time.

    Designed for any stove

    The tent can be used with any stoves. The stove can burn actively for quick heating, and it can also burn for a long time for a comfortable living in the tent. The tent is able to withstand heating up to 500 degrees in the cut where it touches the chimney.

    Eternal frame

    The frame of the tent is made of alloy D16T - an alloy of aluminum with magnesium and copper. Such alloys are called duralumin, and duralumin is used in the aviation and space industry due to its strength and relative lightness.

    2 windows of transparent film TPU

    The main difference from the standard tent sauna MORZH is the presence of 2 wide windows of thermopolyurethane film (TPU). This is a modern environmentally friendly material that can withstand heavy loads while maintaining flexibility in the cold.

    Warm floor

    With a tent, it is recommended to use a floor kit made of waterproof Oxford 600D fabric and heat-insulating liners made of IPE (Izolon). The floor fabric is additionally treated with polyurethane impregnation, which does not pass moisture (the floor must be purchased separately).


    The net is included in the kit and is used to store and dry things. You can put a broom and other accessories for a mobile sauna in it.


    Hinges can be used to stretch a rope between them.


    They have a net below. Due to this, water does not accumulate inside and pockets dry out faster.

    Tent colors





    Length at the bottom
    2 m
    *Possible error ± 3 cm
    Width at the bottom
    2 m
    *Possible error ± 3 cm
    Roof width
    1,34 m
    Side wall height
    1,75 m
    Height in the center
    1,95-1,98 m
    Useful area
    4,1 m²
    Tent weight
    8.3 kg
    Number of sleeping berths (with stove)
    Number of sleeping berths (without stove)
    Packing dimensions
    1 bag with dimensions
    LxWxH 60 x 35 x 25 cm

    Package includes:

    Arc frame
    2 pcs
    1 pc
    Shipping bag
    1 pc
    Case for frame arcs
    1 pc
    A set of wind braces
    1 pc
    ZIP (piece of cloth)
    1 pc
    Screw pegs
    5 pcs (in a case)
    The stove is NOT INCLUDED.
    It is purchased separately

    Important information

    • The camouflage color in the photo shows the approximate shade of the awning and may vary depending on the consignment.
    • The color of the tent inside can be either white or beige, depending on the consignment. 
      Awnings in camouflage colour can be found in the photos of the goods above.
    • With proper assembly and installation of the tent, the zippers close easily.
      Be sure to clean the zippers of any dirt before use, otherwise it may damage the zipper teeth.
    • Step-by-step instructions for assembling a tent
      (open file)
    • Technical certificate for tent sauna MORZH 2 WINDOWS

    It is recommended to purchase INTENT stove to achieve the best effect.

    This stove is safe and powerful. Due to side convectors, this stove takes up 30% less space during transportation.


    Look at the Camping Tent Sauna MORZH from all sides. "MORZH" and "MORZH MAX"

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    Average customer rating
    4.67 out of 5 stars
    3 reviews for MORZH WITH 2 WINDOWS
    • A
      • May 20, 2021 14:46

      I was skeptical about the tent sauna, but the first time I flew out after 30 minutes. Hot, my legs were already smoking. Only oils and a broom are missing now :)

      In general, I advise everyone who is interested in this theme, it works better than I expected.

    • H
      • May 20, 2021 14:39
      Difference between 1 and 2 windows - 41 euros

      2 windows give a good view and that's a cool feature. But in general , a 2-window morzh tent is no different from a 1-window tent.
      Love my sauna

    • C
      • May 20, 2021 14:31
      5 stars honestly deserved

      Very professional and helpful service from these guys!
      As for the model, highly recommend! Sweat guaranteed. It is very hot and light inside. Windows have curtains

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