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Wood-burning stove for tent sauna.
Material - AISI 430 steel
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  • For tents and saunas

    INTENT sauna stove is a universal stove that can be used to heat tents and prepare meals, as well as for bath procedures in tent sauna. Stones for the sauna can be put on the hob.

    Built-in spark arrester

    The built-in spark arrester (spark catcher) will ensure the safety of the tent and things in it from the departure of sparks.

    AISI 430 steel chimney segments

    There are 6 segments of the chimney, 380 mm long, which are made of AISI 430 steel. Segments can be fixed tightly and condensate flows down without penetrating through the joints to the outside.

    Transformable reflective screens

    The screens perform a protective function, create convection currents along the stove body, accelerating the process of heating the tent. For compact storage or transportation, the screens can be tightly shifted to the stove body, which saves 55 mm of width.


    • Material - AISI 430 steel
    • Steel thickness - 0.8 mm
    • Length - 600 mm
    • Height - 570 mm
    • Height without legs - 425 mm
    • Width when folded - 235 mm
    • Width when unfolded - 285 mm
    • Volume in the folded state - 0.0599 m3
    • Chimney diameter - 90 mm
    • Depth of the firebox - 460 mm
    • Firebox volume - 33 l
    • Chimney segment length - 380 mm
    • Stove weight - 17.2 kg


    • Stove - 1 pc
    • Chimney segments - 6 pcs
    • Case - 1 pc
    • Leg - 4 pcs

    Technical certificate for STOVE INTENT

  • Вес:17.2 kg
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