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Wood-burning stove for tent sauna.
Material - AISI 430 steel
Stove weight - 17.2 kg
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  • For tents and saunas

    The INTENT stove is a multipurpose stove for heating tents and preparing meals, as well as for bath procedures in mobile saunas. The main feature of this stove is the portative side convectors for effective space heating.

    INTENT can be used at any time of the year. It provides a comfortable journey and rest, help to spend time well even in bad weather. In the sauna mode, INTENT creates the necessary heat.


    • Secure the tent with the stove carefully on the ground to prevent it from tipping over.
    • Do not touch the stove walls and chimney when they are in working order.
    • Do not allow drunk persons and children to use.
    • Do not use gas or flammable substances to fire the stove.
    • Coal cannot be used as fuel.
    • Connect the chimney segments tightly.


    The INTENT stove is manufactured according to the principle of optimal design.

    • Convector screens from all sides - on the stove door, on the back wall, on the sides and on the bottom part. The lower screen is an additional protection for the floor, and thanks to the sliding side screens, the transport dimensions of the stove are practically equal to the dimensions of the firebox itself. All screens create convection along the stove body.
    • Afterburner chamber where the combustion products settle.
    • Handles on the front and back. The edges are processed - you will not be scratched on the sharp edge and the metal will not get your hands dirty.
    • Steel legs with polymer coloring.
    • Chimney with 90 mm diameter. Chimney segments (6 pcs) are placed into the stove for easy transportation.

    You can put 15-20 kg of stones on INTENT stove for more heat or steam.


    This stove has significant advantages over other mobile stoves:

    • Thanks to the optimal 33 liters firebox volume, you can control heat level by adding wood or briquettes.
    • Portative side convectors not only speed up the heating process, but also have a protective function. When not in use, they provide compact storage and transportation of the stove.
    • The built-in spark arrestor ensures a safe stay in the tent and prevents sparks from getting into the tent.

    Camping sauna stove INTENT is made of AISI 430 stainless steel with 0.7 - 0.8 mm thickness, depending on the heat load on its elements. For laser cutting, modern CNC machines are used. They ensure quality and cut accuracy without defects. Highly reliable welding make the product to serve for a long time.

    We guarantee a 1 year warranty.


    AISI 430 steel
    Steel thickness
    0.8 mm
    600 mm
    570 mm
    Height without legs
    425 mm
    Width when folded
    235 mm
    Width when unfolded
    290 mm
    Volume in the folded state
    0.0599 m3
    Chimney diameter
    90 mm
    Depth of the firebox
    460 mm
    Firebox volume
    33 l
    Chimney segment length
    380 mm
    Stove weight
    17.2 kg


    1 pc
    Chimney segments
    6 pcs
    1 pc
    4 pcs

    Technical certificate for STOVE INTENT

  • Packaged Weight:19.2
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    Average customer rating
    4.75 out of 5 stars
    4 reviews for STOVE INTENT
    • K
      • May 20, 2021 15:19

      I use it heavy and with more intensity than what is intended. Since it arrived I think we've used it 20 times (3-4 times a week). Still works and no complaints!
      The metal has changed shape and colour a little, but this is ok

    • L
      • May 20, 2021 15:10
      Everything is fine, but the edges are sharp

      Very beautiful and stylish steel design, portable convectors also good! The legs screwed in easily, the set includes a carrying case.
      The only thing is that the metal is not sufficiently processed in some places and the edges seem sharp. You need to be careful.
      A little of firewood is enough for heat.

    • J
      • May 20, 2021 15:04
      Works well with the tent

      I didnt find any defects. I bought it together with morzh. fits perfectly
      As a sauna stove, it works well!

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