Many people know about sauna benefits. Today, saunas are available in completely different versions and help people to relax, stay fit, have glowing skin. In the sauna, the temperature is 70-100 ºС and above, the humidity is 10-25%. These conditions affect the body and even the emotional state of a person.

Benefits of saunas

We have outlined the main positive results from regular use of the sauna for you.

  • Complete relaxation. The best and most real benefit of sauna use is the feeling of complete peace and relaxation. Modern life is often filled with a lot of stress. These can lead to health problems. Saunas are very relaxing, soothing to our soul. Regular sessions relaxes perfectly at the end of a busy day.
  • Good for the heart. Sauna increases heart rate - this is a good exercise for the heart muscle. In addition, a person loses from 250 to 600 calories after 30-35 minutes spent in saunas. So weight loss happens too. *If you have heart problems, consult your doctor before using the sauna.
  • Healthy skin. If you visit the sauna every 7 days, then after 30 days you will notice how the face skin has become shining. When there is 70-100 ºС, blood circulation increases, the body is covered with sweat, toxins are removed from the body.
  • Respiratory system prevention. Breathing hot air provides a powerful workout of the lungs, entire respiratory system. Vapors affect the nasal mucosa, the larynx, improve the lungs ventilation process, provide a powerful flow of oxygen to the blood, etc.
  • Positive effect on joints, links and bones. Faster healing of ligaments, joints, bones, acceleration of recovery processes - these are other benefits.