Compact stoves for tented saunas

Modern tent stoves are designed to keep the tent warm for a long time. The stoves are equipped with a spark arrester for your safety. Suitable for heating winter tents.

Universal stoves

Wood and steam generating stoves are made of AISI 430 steel and are safe to use. It can be used for heating tents and cooking.


We represent mobile stoves and useful accessories for them under this brand.

QUALITY. In the production of INTENT, 3D modeling technologies are used, which ensures high quality.

ERGONOMICS. Most stoves have portative side convector. Due to this, INTENT stoves are compact and reliable in transportation, convenient in operation.

ACCURACY. Modern CNC machines for laser cutting allow to get the perfect quality and accuracy of cutting without defects! And reliable welding ensures long-term use of the product.

SAFETY. INTENT products are tested and checked under real conditions before being put into production. The edges of all products are additionally processed, and the surfaces are sanded - you will not hurt yourself and the metal will not get your hands dirty.

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