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Long-burning stove for living in a tent.
Material - AISI 430 steel
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  • Lightweight and compact stove

    The INTENT LONG stove is a long burning stove designed for heating tents, shelters, etc. INTENT LONG is shaped like a hexagon. This shape allows you to remove ash properly and gives greater stability.

    This stove is well suited for comfortable living in a tent, but its power is insufficient for the sauna mode. If you want a hot sauna, you should consider intense burning sauna stoves.

    Safe use

    The stove is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel AISI 430 with a thickness of 0.5 - 0.8 mm. This material heats up and cools quickly, has high strength and mechanical properties, and lends itself well to processing.

    This model has convectors at the front, back and bottom for efficient heat transfer. There are also two portable convectors on the sides of the body. Folding convectors save space during transportation.

    Service life and environmental friendliness

    The door has a draft control designed for controlling the flow of oxygen into the stove. The more the damper is open, the more heat will be, but the wood will burn faster. You can also completely close the damper to prolong the burning of the wood.
    The built-in spark arrestor prevents the release of combustion products and ensures safe use.

    The INTENT LONG model is equipped with folding legs that are comfortable, practical and stable.

    This portable stove is perfect for hiking, fishing, hunting. Heats medium and large rooms well.

    We provide a 1 year warranty.

    Heating and cooking stove

    INTENT LONG is used in the mode of slow burning, when wood is enough for 3-5 hours. Fuel consumption is insignificant, and the heat is sufficient for a comfortable stay. The stove can be used to cook or heat food.


    AISI 430 steel
    Steel thickness
    firebox 0.8 mm, convector 0.7 mm, chimney 0.5 mm
    510 mm
    330 mm
    Height without legs
    257 mm
    Width when folded
    270 mm
    Width when unfolded
    310 mm
    Chimney diameter
    80 mm
    Depth of the firebox
    400 mm
    Firebox volume
    17 l
    Chimney segment length
    320 mm
    Stove weight
    10,38 kg


    1 pc
    Chimney segments
    7 pcs
    Folding legs
    4 pcs


    • Carefully check the position of the stove on the ground to avoid tipping over.
    • Do not touch the stove while it is in working order. This can cause burns.
    • Do not allow drunk persons and children to use.
    • Do not use gas, flammable substances, coal, cardboard or paper as fuel.
    • Make sure the chimney segments are tightly connected.

    Technical certificate for STOVE INTENT MINI

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