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Big tent sauna of 3 ply material with a large window (no stove)
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  • Big sauna tent for 6-12 people

    This tent can fit 6-12 people with comfort. It can be used as sauna tent, as fishing tent or as tent for a long term living.

    3 layer tent - more heat inside, saves fuel

    Through the use of modern materials, the tent keeps the heat much longer than single-layer options. The awning of the tent is made of a three-layer quilted cloth consisting of Oxford 240 fabric, Siberia insulation with a density of 80 g/m2 and light strong Taffeta fabric with reinforcing weaving.

    Safe and compact stove Intent

    The sauna can be equipped with a powerful, portable and safe wood burning stove Intent. It has inbuilt spark arrester and you can put stones on the top. Also you can pour water to create some nice steam. In terms of temperature, humidity and sensation, it is a real sauna - 110 C (230 F).

    Designed for any stove

    The tent can be used with any stoves. The stove can burn actively for quick heating, and it can also burn for a long time for a comfortable living in the tent. The tent is able to withstand heating up to 500 degrees in the cut where it touches the chimney.

    Use without stove

    The tent has a hermetic valve that prevents moisture from entering the tent.

    Eternal frame

    The frame of the tent is made of alloy D16T - an alloy of aluminum with magnesium and copper. Such alloys are called duralumin, and duralumin are used as structural alloys in the aviation and space industry, due to their strength and relative lightness.

    Transparent film window

    Thermopolyuritic film is a modern eco-friendly material capable of withstanding heavy loads, while maintaining flexibility in the cold.

    Warm floor

    With a tent, it is recommended to use a floor kit made of waterproof Oxford 600D fabric and heat-insulating liners made of IPE (Izolon). The floor fabric is additionally treated with polyurethane impregnation, which does not pass moisture (the floor must be purchased separately).


    The net is included in the kit and is used to store and dry things. You can put a broom and other accessories for a mobile sauna in it.


    Hinges can be used to stretch a rope between them.


    They have a net below. Due to this, water does not accumulate inside and pockets dry out faster.

    Important information

    With proper assembly and installation of the tent, the zippers close easily. Be sure to clean the zippers of any dirt before use, otherwise it may damage the zipper teeth. Technical certificate for tent sauna MORZH MAX

    It is recommended to purchase INTENT stove to achieve the best effect.

    This stove is safe and powerful. Due to side convectors, this stove takes up 30% less space during transportation.

    Tent colors



    The camouflage color in the photo shows the approximate shade of the awning and may vary depending on the consignment.

    The color of the tent inside can be either white or beige, depending on the consignment.


    1.97 m
    2.3 m
    2.96 m
    Wall height
    1.72 m
    Dressing room to the partition
    1 m
    17.7 kg.

    Package includes:

    Arc frame
    4 pcs
    1 pc
    Shipping bag
    1 pc
    Case for frame arcs
    1 pc
    A set of wind braces
    1 pc
    Screw pegs
    10 pcs (in a case)
    The stove is NOT INCLUDED.
    It is purchased separately


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    Average customer rating
    4.33 out of 5 stars
    3 reviews for MORZH MAX
    • h
      • May 20, 2021 13:14
      Nice tent but there are drawbacks

      We were looking for a tent for the whole family for a long time. Need a lot of space for kids. After the purchase, we went on a two-day trip. Everything is fine. There were some disadvantages: floor is not included (since I need it, I will buy it separately). Also I would like more pegs, guy ropes. During a strong wind, it sometimes seemed that the tent would not stand. But so far everything is ok.

    • A
      • May 20, 2021 12:55

      Fast assembly, especially for its size. Withstand rain well with a cape. Use it for a month now.

    • H
      • May 20, 2021 12:44
      Huge tent

      Huge tent. A good solution for bad weather - you can comfortably spend the whole day inside. Put the table, chairs. Quite tall and stable.
      Pegs will only work with the ground, they are not suitable for sand.
      It is not very convenient for one person to put it up.

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