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Summer shelter, tourist tent and mobile sauna
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  • 3 in 1. Summer shelter, tourist tent and mobile sauna

    The modern MORZH summer tent means a reliable, high-quality, roomy and lightweight design that is truly versatile. It can be used as a shelter for relaxing in a large company, as a tourist tent for hiking, and as a mobile sauna.

    The tent allows to install any stove: a sauna stove, a long-burning stove, a heat exchanger. For stoves with a smaller chimney diameter, use an adapter ring.

    Waterproof tent with a reliable frame

    The awning is made of dense Oxford 240 fabric with water-repellent impregnation of 2000 mm H2O, the seams are taped. This material is waterproof and stain resistant. The shelter will protect you both from heavy rain and sun. It also perfectly retains heat in the mobile sauna mode.

    The tent frame is made of duralumin alloy, which is also used in the aviation and space industries. This makes the frame strong, light and stable in all weather conditions. At the same time, the design is easy to assemble and disassemble.

    Large panoramic windows

    The design includes 6 large panoramic windows with mosquito nets. Additionally, the windows are equipped with curtains that are fastened with zippers. In the center of the side wall, there is a window made of TPU film. Such material is resistant to temperature changes, retains elasticity.

    Removable wall

    This shelter creates a room that can be used for various purposes. At the same time, it has a removable wall to operate the shelter in an open form. This is good for free air circulation and organizing a daytime recreation area.

    TPU film window

    The tent is bright even with closed mosquito nets. The window has its own curtain, it can also be closed. Thermal polyurethane film (TPU) is a modern, environmentally friendly material that can withstand heavy loads, while maintaining elasticity and flexibility in the cold.

    Warm floor

    Optionally, a floor can be purchased. There are two types: single layer floor and warm floor with insulation. The floor is fastened with Velcro. If you are using this shelter as a tent, then the floor will be a good addition.


    The net is included and is used to store and dry things. You can put a broom and other accessories for a mobile sauna in it.


    Valves for ventilation are located on the end walls. In the stove area, there is a supply ventilation valve at the bottom. For insect protection, all valves have a mosquito net.


    The shelter can be divided by a partition into 2 zones. It is convenient when it is used as a tent or a mobile sauna. The partition is included in the kit, stored in a special pocket.

    Important information

    With proper assembly and installation of the tent, the zippers close easily. Be sure to clean the zippers of any dirt before use, otherwise it may damage the zipper teeth.

    When used as a sauna, it is recommended to purchase INTENT stove to achieve the best effect.

    The stove is equipped with portable side convectors.
    This reduces its size during transportation by 30%.

    Technical sertificate MORZH Shelter (open file)


    3 m
    2,3 m
    Side wall height
    1,72 m
    Center height
    1,97 m
    15 kg
    Distance to partition
    1 m
    Packing dimensions
    1 bag with dimensions 35 х 55 х 25 cm

    Package includes:

    Frame arc
    4 pcs.
    Side stringers
    3 pcs.
    1 pc.
    Transport bag
    1 pc.
    Frame case
    1 pc.
    Wind guy kit
    1 pc.
    Net for things
    2 pcs.
    ZIP (a piece of cloth)
    1 pc.
    Screw regs
    10 pcs. (in case)
    Stand for removable wall, stove and floor are NOT INCLUDED, purchased separately.

    Tent colors


    The camouflage color in the photo shows the approximate shade of the awning and may vary depending on the consignment.

    3-D TOUR OF "MORZH" Shelter

  • Цвет:Черная, Камуфляж, Серо-оранжевый, Бежевый
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