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Tent sauna of 3 ply material with windows (no stove).
Dimensions – 205 х 205 х 200 cm.
Weight – 13.8 kg.
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  • Hot mobile sauna or winter tent

    3-layer cube-shaped quick-assembly tent. It has optimal dimensions 205 x 205 cm, accommodates 2-4 people comfortably. MORZH CUBE can be used as a mobile sauna. Heating up to 100 C is guaranteed! The tent is like a trapezoid - the lower part is wider, which makes the tent more stable in the wind and adds the necessary space below. Designed for use with all types of stoves and heat exchangers. MORZH CUBE has two entrances opposite to each other.

    The tent has large triangular windows on two sides, and there are multifunctional valves on the other two sides. Valves are suitable for chimney, as windows or ventilation.

    3-layer material with insulation

    Like other MORZH tents, it is made of 3-layer material with insulation. The insulation does not decompose and does not rot. This fabric is very effective for keeping warm inside the tent.

    Dimensions in assembled and disassembled state

    Quick and simple assembly

    The tent is assembled in 2-3 minutes using a special quick-opening mechanism, like all cube tents.

    Suitable for all stoves and heat exchangers

    There are 3 chimney cuttings in the tent. One is located on the roof and is suitable for a sauna stove with a pipe diameter of 90 mm. And on both sides there are universal valves to put a stove or heat exchanger for heating a tent with a chimney diameter of 65 mm.


    2,05 m
    2,05 m
    Wall height
    1,7 m
    Center height
    2 m
    Effective area
    4,2 m²
    13.8 kg
    Number of berths (with stove)
    Number of berths (without stove)
    Dimensions in the transport bag
    1 bag with dimensions
    LхWхH 155 х 40 х 30 cm

    Package includes:

    1 pc.
    Transport bag
    1 pc.
    Wind guy kit
    1 pc.
    Screw pegs
    5 pcs. (in case)
    The stove is NOT INCLUDED. It is sold separately.

    Fiberglass frame

    Reliable, lightweight, eternal frame material is pleasant to the touch, does not leave splinters or scratches.

    Reinforced corners

    All mechanically stressed places are reinforced with an additional layer of strong fabric, which increases the life of the tent.

    Large frost-resistant windows

    On both sides of the tent, there are large triangular windows with curtains. Made of the modern TPU material - retains elasticity in cold weather down to -40℃.

    Extra windows

    Instead of the multifunctional valve, you can put the small windows that come with the kit, thereby getting a view from all sides.

    Mosquito net

    The set comes with 2 mosquito nets, which can be put in place of the multifunctional valves, thereby providing excellent ventilation and insect protection.

    Use with MORZH warm floor

    Due to Velcro tapes at the bottom of the tent, you can attach a warm floor made of non-slip material.

    Reflective inserts

    Reflective elements are sewn on all 4 sides of the tent, allowing you to see the tent in the dark.

    Double wind skirt to keep out the cold

    The tent has two wide skirts - one outside and one inside the tent. They provide great wind protection, which is good for winter fishing, hunting.

    Important information

    It is recommended to purchase INTENT stove to achieve the best effect. This stove is safe and powerful. Due to side convectors, this stove takes up 30% less space during transportation.

    With proper assembly and installation of the tent, the zippers close easily. Be sure to clean the zippers of any dirt before use, otherwise it may damage the zipper teeth.

    Technical certificate for tent sauna MORZH CUBE (open file)

    The camouflage and beige colors in the photos show the approximate shade of the awning and may vary depending on the consignment.


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