Hardening the body is an effective way to stay healthy despite the influence of the environment. During hardening, the blood vessels are strengthened, they quickly adapt to external changes. Vessels change their tone, based on the needs of the human body at a certain moment. They control heat transfer, fluid evaporation, activity of sweat glands, nutrition and blood supply to muscle tissues.

There are several options for hardening the body - with air and water.

1. The air hardening method consists of several options:

- Cold air hardening. The air affects the naked body.

- Sunbathing.

- Walking barefoot in different temperatures.

2. When hardening with water, the following methods are used:

- Contrast shower - alternation of cold and warm water.

- Steaming in the sauna and then cold water dousing.

- Swimming in the ice-hole.

The basic principles of hardening

1. Regularity

If you temper from time to time, then such prevention will not bring visible results. As in sports training, regularity is important regardless of the season!

2. Gradual increase in load

The body can give an unexpected reaction to hardening, so it is important to increase the load gradually.

3. Avoid excessive hypothermia

Water hardening affects the body much more strongly than air hardening, therefore it is better to carry out short invigorating procedures in order to prevent excessive cooling.

Water hardening methods

1. Rubbing or foot bath.

The easiest way to start hardening the body is to rub the body or to bath your feet with cool water.

2. Walking on water.

Fill your bath or basin with water, walk for 3 to 20 minutes a day, gradually increasing the time.

After the procedure, wash your feet with water at a temperature of 18-22°C, dry and put on socks.

In the summer, you can practice walking in the morning dew.

3. Dousing with cold water.

You need to switch to this method only when you have carried out a rubdowns course with cool water for 1.5 - 2 months.

First, start pouring 20°C water and gradually reduce the temperature.

Hardening should begin by pouring over the hands, arms and shoulders. After a week, start pouring over the legs, and after 2-3 weeks (see how you feel), you can pour over the whole body.

4. Cold or cool shower.

The most powerful hardening method.
First, choose 30-35°C water temperature. Start the procedure with 30 seconds. Then, as in the method described above, gradually reduce the temperature and lengthen the procedure.

Contrast showers are also beneficial for health.

5. Swimming

It is better to start hardening at 18-29°C air and water temperature, and end the season at a water temperature of 10-12°C, air at 14-16°C.

For this hardening method, combining swimming with sauna procedures is perfect.

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Take a steam bath, and then plunge into the cool water!