Poona, a poolside sauna at the Tokyo Dome Hotel, will open this autumn.

"Poona" is a poolside sauna with the concept of "sauna x floating bath". Here you can experience a sauna as well as bathe while looking at the Tokyo Dome.

You can enjoy a luxurious sauna in the heart of the city, complete with a high-performance tent sauna and open-air bath. There's also a pool that you can use instead of a cold bath. It is a delightful experience.

The tent sauna in the "Poona" is also a little bit different from the usual sauna. Firstly, the floor of the tent is fitted with a wooden deck. This is a specification that suppresses the cold of the feet as much as possible, which is a concern for the autumn and winter seasons.

In addition, the electric sauna stove produced by the Finnish company HARVIA is the world's number 1. By placing the stove under the wooden deck, you can feel the temperature rise not only in the upper part of your body, but also in your entire body.

The tent sauna will also be a private sauna for 1 group. You can take a selfie with the aromatic water.

There are 2 types of tents. The 3-layer tent "MORZH" (1 piece / from 12,000 yen) is a tent sauna with large windows for up to 4 people, recommended for 1 person or a couple.

If you want to enter as a group, we recommend the "MORZH MAX" (¥18,000), which has a capacity of 8. As well as a fully-fledged 2-stage bench, you can also enjoy comfortable vestibule for rest.

New rental plan for large companies

In order to meet the needs of "wanting to enjoy a sauna more casually with friends", Poona has launched a "rental plan" for groups during the autumn business periodAlso provided.The time is 120 minutes and you can use 4 tent saunas from 40,000 yen, and you can enjoy up to 30 people.