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Suitable during camping

Eco-friendly and cheap fuel

If you are planning a long hike, then you need to prepare carefully. On the way, you will need to cook food, boil water, heat your tent. Camping stoves ensure successful camping day. Here you will find quality product that is suitable for transportation, easy to use and never fails.

If you are a tourist who is interested in optimal weight of load and looking for something to cook during the hike, then our strong, stable devices are available to purchase.

We offer wood burning camping stoves. They can be used where it is impossible to have gas and electricity. You can always get cheap wood waste or find some wood in a nearby forest. In remote areas, in the forest, you will always find firewood for stove. This type of fuel is also the most environmentally friendly.

For recreation at any time of the year, this type of heating is the most successful option. It provides heat for a long time. Wood furnaces are very simple in design. All models are very easy to install, the most difficult is the installation of a chimney. Many of them are equipped with a hob for cooking and heating food. It is very convenient for camping.

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