The size of the tent is one of the main selection criteria and depends on how you are going to travel. Alone, together or with a big company. If you buy the wrong tent, then the discomfort is guaranteed.

Big family tent

There are models of all shapes on the market, but in terms of capacity, there are tents for 2, 3, 4 people. Also there are so-called group or family tents - when a large number of people are planning to accommodate in one tent.

If the description of the tent says that it is for 3 people, this does not always mean that there are only places for 3. Most often, such tents can easily accommodate your luggage or even more guests. Consider what kind of tent you need to buy for a large family.

Spacious tents provide all the comforts, but they are quite heavy. The height of the largest tent reaches 2 meters, but even a tall person can move inside absolutely freely.

Large winter tent

It is worth taking a closer look at such an option as a large winter tent: it can accommodate a lot of people and is comfortable in terms of its technical characteristics. These tents are especially popular in winter, although they can be all-season. Such a tent is good for families with children. It can fit about 12 people and more.

In bad weather conditions, nothing will happen to the tent. It can protect you from wind and precipitation. If there is a chimney cut, then you can put a stove inside. In high-quality models, hooks for flashlights are necessarily provided, which greatly facilitates the trip, since you do not have to worry about lighting.

A large tent is not so easy to assemble and disassemble, but a comfortable outdoor recreation is guaranteed. This is a whole mini-holiday home. If this is not just a camping tent, but also a mobile sauna, you can even set up a tent in your backyard. So you have your own steam room.

Even if large tents are most often called "winter tents," this is just a way to identify the model. In fact, this is a complete tent for a big group of people, and it is designed for a wide variety of weather conditions. It is great solution to get unforgettable emotions, having a comfortable home that is always with you, wherever you are.

Choose the big tent wisely

Pay attention to the size and characteristics of the structure so that all your hiking needs are met. If you have a big company, it is wiser to buy a tent of the largest size. If you are planning a hike in winter, then you should choose a model with a chimney cut. If you want more light - pay attention to the options with windows.

With MORZH, you can choose the perfect model that will turn your holiday into an enjoyable and unforgettable adventure.

Pay attention to the largest tent from our range - Morzh Max. It is 197 x 230 x 296 cm, weight is 17.7 kg. With this tent, you will have a great recreation with a big company, place all your things. If you wish, you can make a sauna and install 2 stoves for more heat.

Watch 3-D tour of Morzh Max model.