You like to relax in nature, but deny yourself the pleasure of staying for several days because there is no shower or bath?

This problem is solved by the camping tent sauna! Today, washing and even taking a steam sauna in hiking conditions is not a problem. All this is possible thanks to the camping sauna, which can be taken with you if you want not only to relax with your soul, but also not to forget about the body.

Anytime, anywhere

With a camp sauna, you can plan your vacation at any time of the year, because in such a sauna you can wash and warm yourself.

The mobile sauna means a durable frame made of flexible duralumin pipes, on which a polyester tent is pulled. Inside the tent, there is a powerful wood-burning stove with stones. It heats up easily and gives excellent steam. The stove is absolutely safe.

Unlike a self-made camping sauna, a tent sauna takes 5-10 minutes to set up and can be quickly assembled / disassembled an unlimited number of times.

Distinctive feature of mobile sauna MORZH is a 3-layer quilted awning.

Such an awning protects you even from the strongest wind, helps to warm up the tent faster and keep heat longer.

MORZH models

Choose your tent sauna and enjoy your vacation anywhere!

Photos with our most popular MORZH sauna were sent by Nathan Nunes from sunny California.

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